Head and Shoulders



Half Figure with arms and hands


Full Figure

19 x 25


-For each additional figure in a painting add $1000, animals $500 (sizes usually increase up to 30 x 40 with additional figures).

-Half figure averages between 14 ½ x 20 to 19 x 25

-Portrait sizes are approximations and will be adjusted to suit the image, as well as the desire of the client

-Fees are based on average complexity



- One-Third deposit due with photo shoot

- Balance due upon completion of portrait

- Travel, lodging, shipping, and sales tax are in addition to the above

- Framing is not included





Commission: The Process

A portrait depicts a moment in time of an individual that will be cherished for years to come. Materials are used that will last for centuries if protected properly. It is important to portray what will feel good to remember – what makes one smile inside when looking at the piece… does one want to capture that age, the playfulness, the everyday look, a tenderness between relationships, a certain expression? All this will be discussed.  

As the artist, I desire to capture that moment myself with my own camera. This helps me to understand what I am to be looking for – what I am to connect with. It may mean that I am running ahead on a trail in front of horse and rider, following a toddler while in spontaneous play or lying in the sand or dirt while trying to get that certain image. I like to meet and interact with the individuals. That personal contact helps me to “know” that person – even if just for a while. This connection may help me to more accurately depict him or her when I am alone in my studio. Under rare circumstances I have worked with someone else’s picture. For ease of selection, I shoot digitally, burn a disk, and then pass this on to you – whether by hand or mail. I will help with the selection as to what I perceive as being the more successful image, but the final decision is yours.  

Size and colors are discussed. The painting is begun, which usually takes between two to six weeks. At a certain point, approximately  two-thirds of the way through, I have a viewing of the piece either by the person coming into my studio or by my sending the image by e-mail to check for any adjustments.  

When the painting is completed, I have the individuals up in my studio for any last adjustments. If that is not possible, then communication will be done via e-mail. I guarantee my portrait work for the individual’s likeness and I hope that I can guarantee a person’s joy in having it. This is important to me as the artist. I want it to feel good. (Remember my psych and nursing background?)  

Once approval is given, I sign my piece; photograph it for my own records; and then, it is yours. If you are local enough to me, it can be picked up or delivered. If not, it will be shipped to you, unframed, protected by glassine paper.


Asheville, North Carolina